Friday, 22 May 2009


What to put on your first post? I'll just start how I'm most likely to continue...

I currently have an increased sense of optimism for the summer, mainly down the fact that recently university work has all but taken over my life, and I'm just looking forward to not being occupied 24/7. I'm on the home stretch, just a few more bits and pieces to finish by the end of next week and its done. Ready to begin the whole cycle again come September, though next year I really hope I don't end up with such a last-minute rush.

I've recently managed to fix my turntable, and have re-discovered my love of vinyl. I'm in grave danger of spending an obscene amount of money in online record stores, as there's a good few albums/singles I feel I have to own on vinyl. One of them being Sigur Ros' album, Takk. Unfortunate thing is that only 1000 were ever pressed and they go for £60+ on ebay..

In other news, here's a view from my window. City life, innit.